Omaha Private Parties

A fun activity to do together in Omaha that caters to all ages!

Corky Canvas Omaha Private Party Information

The Corky Canvas and Corky Boards is a unique way to celebrate any event! You’ll make memories that you and your friends/co-workers are sure to talk about for years to come! Plus, everyone will take home their masterpiece to remember the special occasion!



Class Type

The first step is to decide between a Painting class or Boards class!

Canvas Painting: Paint as a group, step-by-step together! Choose which painting you want your group to do by looking at our available paintings in our canvas gallery.

*We can create  a custom designed painting for a $50 fee.

Corky Boards: Create your own wood signs as a group, step-by-step together! Each individual party member will choose which stencil design they want to create before class during registration. Please look at image examples of all of our available stencil designs in our boards gallery.

*We can create a custom designed boards stencil for a $25 fee.

Party Size

We require a minimum of 10 guests for a private event. Our studios can accommodate up to 40 guests, depending on class type.


Please refer to our menu for more information.


  • Classes can vary from 2-2.5 hours long

Deposit and Cancellation

A $200 deposit is due when booking your private party. Once we have received your deposit, your party is confirmed on our calendar!

$100 of this deposit is our studio rental fee, while the other $100 can either be deducted from your final event balance, or refunded the day of your party!

Please note that the full deposit is nonrefundable should you cancel the event or not reach the 10 guest minimum.

Food & Alcohol Policy

We encourage all of our private parties to bring any food/snacks or decorations they want to their party! You are allowed to show up 30 minutes before your class time to bring in these items and our instructors will be happy to help you set up! Unfortunately no outside beverages are allowed due to our liquor license with the state, but we do have a full bar with plenty of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks to choose from!

Off-Site Events

If you have a group larger than 50, consider having us come to you for an off-site event!

  • We charge a $50 fee for events in Omaha, and a $100 fee for events outside Omaha or for groups larger than 70 people.
  • We bring all of our supplies with us. Aprons and easels are in limited supply.
  • We need tables and chairs set up for us along with easy access to trash cans and a sink for filling water and washing brushes.
  • Please inform us where we should park our vehicles.
  • We will cover your provided tables with plastic if you haven’t covered them already. Please note that we are not responsible for any mess that may occur by your attendees!
  • We are responsible for our own mess; we clean up what we bring in.
  • If doing a Corky Boards class, we will need to decide on a limited color palette for attendees to choose from.
  • We will need access to the space at least 1.5 hours in advance to set up our materials.

If you don’t have enough people for a private party or want to book on a Friday or Saturday night, please feel free to register for one of our regular classes instead! Simply include a similar group name when registering and we will make sure to seat you together.

To inquire about availability and to get the booking process started, please fill out the contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

*Private party inquiries made over the weekend will be responded to the next business day.*