Lincoln Pricing

Sip on some good pours when you paint with Corky Canvas Lincoln!

Canvas Class Prices

Regular Canvas Class (16”x20” canvas) $35 per person
Kids Class/Deal Class (10”x20” or 11”x14” canvas) $25 per person
Door Hang Class $40 per person

Corky Boards Class Prices

(grouped by size; everyone chooses what they want to create)

Mini (10”x12”) $25
Small (12”x20”) $43
Small with Handles $46
Door Mats (18”x30”) $46
Large Round (17”x17”) $58
Large Round with Handles $65
Large (11”x32”) $65
Large (20”x24”) $65
Porch Board (12”x60”) $70

Drink Menu

Purchase by the glass or by the bottle! We have lots of drink specials each day, so look out for those!

White Wine:

Moscato $6 glass/$22 Bottle
Pinot Grigio $5 glass/$18 Bottle
Riesling $6 glass/$22 Bottle
$5 glass/$18 Bottle
Stella Rosa Berry
$6 glass/$22 Bottle
Verdi Spumante
$5 glass/$18 Bottle
Peach Sparkletini
$5 glass/$18 Bottle

Red Wine:

Stella Rosa Black $6 glass/$22 Bottle
Merlot $5 glass/$18 Bottle
Pinot Noir $7 glass/$26 Bottle
Red Blend $6 glass/$22 Bottle
$5 glass/$18 Bottle


Blue Moon $5
Budlight $4
Michelob Ultra $4

Seltzer, Cider, and More:

Press Seltzer $4
Budlight Seltzer Lemonade $4
NUTRL Vodka Seltzer $4
Glacial Till Hard Cider $4
Seagrams Escapes $4
Cutwater Spirits $5
Loverboy Hard Tea $4
Mimosas 1 for $4
2 for $6


Soda $2
Water $2
Calypso Lemonade